Does the SIZE Really Matter?

Most men are concerned about the size of their penises, length, diameter and circumference, but most women will say is, what you do with it. Actually several studies on sexually active women conclude that “thickness” is more pleasurable.

To understand this male obsession we must go back to the beginning, to our need for survival, for the propagation of the species. The fitter will survive, provide and protect the tribe better, these believes still valid today, they are part of our makeup.

The most attractive male will attract the most number of women and in turn he will choose subconsciously the female better equipped to breed. In turn women will seek tall, broad shoulder males. Does it sound all too basic? Actually it is.

Let’s deal with some facts regarding penis measurements, again, they are guidelines and exceptions make the rule. Ethnicity, health, body shape, obesity and environmental issues are also to be considered before concluding if one is well endowed or not.

It is hard to be conclusive regarding the “perfect” size, although, there are a variety of studies, but not all carried out under the same conditions. Elements such room temperature, time of the day, level of arousal, and sexual activity could affect the outcome. However, among Caucasians 12.9to 15cm in length(erect) is considered normal.

On the other hand if a penis is normally formed but does not exceed 7 cm erect is consider a micropenis.

Most of human penis growth happens in stages, between infancy and the age of five, and soon after the beginning of puberty up to age 17/18.

Extremely large penises may be great to parade around the boy’s showers, but might not a pleasant experience for your partner.

Be aware of some claims of penis extensions gadgets, it could be costly, not very successful and even harmful, however, if you decide to consider any of these options, consult with a specialist. Online products and services will not provide you with medical assessment or follow ups.

Less aggressive and a more enjoyable suggestion is to develop a pleasant and satisfactory sexual activity with your partner, there are many ways to enjoy sex, penis penetration is just one of them.

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