Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Quiz

Answer the following questions; and be honest, if two  or more of your answers are never or sometimes, see your doctor, better still see an Specialist in Sexual Dysfunctions.

This quiz does not replace a proper medical examination, is just a guide for you to act. A satisfactory sexual life will improve your general health and wellbeing, emotional state, release tension and improve your vascular system, just to name a few.

Each question has several possible answers: never, sometimes, most of the time, always. Select one.

  1. How often are you able to get an erection during sexual activity?
  2. When you attempt penetration after sexual stimulation, is it “hard” enough to enter your partner?
  3. How often are you able to penetrate your partner?
  4. Are you able to maintain your erection after entering your partner?
  5. During intercourse, are you able to maintain your erection long enough to satisfy your partner?

So, if you answer never or sometimes to two  or more questions, well, it could be a one off episode such as getting to know a new partner, excessive stress, lack of physical activity, some medications, etc., but it could also be a warning sign.

What now? The answer is simple, seek help, medical help.  A proper medical diagnosis will help you understand the causes of your condition and will give your Doctor the information required to recommend the treatment that best suit you.

Men Solutions offers that kind of expertise in total confidentiality. Their highly qualified medical team will assess your condition, carried out the appropriate tests and offer a solution. Their commitment to your sexual health is demonstrated by their ongoing follow up. So, don’t wait and suffer in silence, help is available.


Call us   now on (+34) 91 328 0603 for free information , or write to us web:

Beware of self medication or online miracle cures, they can cause irreversible heath hazards.
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