Erectile Dysfunction, Stigma or Medical Condition

We often hear that men suffer in silence their sexual problems, easier to blame other aspects of their daily lives rather than facing reality, secretly hoping that “it will go away”.

Well, let me tell you; you are not alone, most men have moments where “the old boy won’t rise up to the occasion” it is quite common and it could be caused by stress, fatigue, excess of drugs and or alcohol, lack of stimulation, fear to “perform” and even lack of practice. However, it could be the first indication of associated health issues, even the use of some medications.

If this is a one of occurrence, fine, do not fret over it, but if you feel excessive anxiety to the point that you avoid intimacy is time to seek help, leaving this situation unattended can develop into serious psychological and physical pathologies.

Most experts will agree that if you are unable to get and maintain erection when sexually aroused or lose it before ejaculation; you might have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and if this occurs frequently is recommended  to  see a doctor.

The specialist will assess your condition and advice you about the various treatment available. Self-medication could be dangerous if you have an undiagnosed pathology or if you are using certain medications. Ensure you tell your doctor about your overall health before embarking on an ED treatment.

Don’t suffer in silence, seek help now. We can help you, just call us now (34) 91 328 0603 or write The solution is only a phone call away.

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