Prosthetic Penis Implants

Prótesis de pene para el tratamiento de disfuncion erectil de Mensolutions

What is Penile Implant or Prosthesis?

Penile Prosthesis surgery is used as a satisfying option for Erectile Dysfunction treatment, as well as a solution to produce the feeling of  natural- erection. 

How do prosthetic penis implants work and how are they performed?

If a prosthetic penis implant is the most appropriate treatment for you, don’t worry. The operation is very simple.

A penile implant consists of three components: two silicon or bioflex (a substance fully biocompatible with your body) cylinders that are inserted along the length of the penis through a small 5cm incision which can be made at one of 4 points along the organ: infra-pubic (in the abdomen), on the body of the penis, the subcoronal area or the scrotum. 

These cylinders are used to generate an erection. The third component is a hydraulic pump unit combined with a tiny reservoir. It is placed inside the scrotum and transfers liquid from the reservoir to the cylinders, causing an erection. To inflate the prothesis, the patient just needs to press twice on the scrotal area.

How is the Penile Prosthesis Surgery procedure?

The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic and lasts no more than 45 minutes or an hour. The patient can return home between 12 and 24 hours after the operation and resume regular sexual activity after around 4 to 6 weeks.

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