Peyronie’s Disease

Tratamiento enfermedad de peyronie

What is Peyronie's Disesase?

Peyronie’s disease, also known as curvature of the penis or Penile curvature, is a relatively common illness that affects middle-aged men who have often suffered a penile trauma (injury) through either rough sexual activity or an accident. Certain sexual positions increase the likelihood of injuring the penis, in particular when the man’s partner is on top.

This illness, seemingly harmless at first glance, can quickly lead to intense pain during sexual relations (dyspareunia) and difficulty in penetrating during intercourse due to the angle of the curvature. It can even lead to erectile dysfunction, which has both physical and psychological causes.

How is Peyronie's Disease Treated?

Treating Penile Curvature is relatively simple and involves injecting certain medication into the fibrous plaque – often known as Peyronie’s plaque – from where the curvature develops. It could also involve a relatively simple surgical procedure.

Some ways to treat Peyronie’s Disease that we use in Men Solutions and provide effective results:

  • This treatment is prescribed when the fibrous plaque from where the curvature develops is at a relatively young stage and remains unswollen. It is one of the best nonsurgical treatment options in Peyronie’s Disease.

2. Repair or corrective surgery:

  • During the operation the swollen and fibrous area is removed and replaced with a practical and comfortable biopolymer graft. The procedure resolves the curvature in almost 100% of cases and almost always without reducing the size of the penis, a side- effect of more conventional surgical procedures.

3. Prosthetic penis implant:

  • A prosthetic penis implant is recommended when the Peyronie’s disease is at an advanced stage or when there are various fibrous coverings along the length of the penis and its cavernous bodies, leading to almost-untreatable erectile dysfunction and difficulties in penetrating.

How long does it take to see results?

Gráfico que muestra cómo se trata la enfermedad de la peyronie

This diagram shows the evolution of the penis curvature. It is difficult to estimate the time that a curvature of this degree would take to develop, but it usually does so very quickly.

We recommend self-examination to determine whether you have any kind of hardness in the penis.

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