PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a patient derived (autologous) blood product that has a platelet and other bioactive plasma concentration above normal values.

Platelets release growth factors (GF) and other biomolecules, which are the natural active principles responsible for the stimulation and acceleration of local tissue healing. Whenever damage occurs, this biological repair and regeneration medication is automatically activated.


How is it obtained?

An anticoagulated blood sample is obtained from the patient and processed under controlled conditions.

The components of the blood are separated and the fraction containing the most suitable concentration of platelets is selected.

The PRP is administered in the area to be treated by inoculation.

This treatment is done with certified medical devices, specialized and with total quality assurance (QC-CE marked)

Reacción del tratamiento de PRP para la disfunción eréctil

P.R.P. Save as your own blood

The PRP is 100% of the patient’s own: without contagion of diseases, without allergies and without rejections.

All devices used are closed system , sterile and single use circuits.PRP for treatment of erectile dysfunction

The treatment is performed in consultation, without the need for an operating room, always complying with the safety conditions imposed by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS).

How long the effect of the treatment lasts?

It is recommended to make several applications, with a frequency that depends on the clinical situation and other criteria to consider by the doctor.

Does P.R.P have any side effects?

En las horas siguientes puede aparecer un poco de inflamación, o pequeños hematomas.

Es un tratamiento compatible con cualquier otro tratamiento  según indicación.

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