Our success rate of definitive cure is of 95%, this result can be reached in a short period of time, and it requires the patient’s full involvement in the implementation of exercises and techniques combined with a pharmacological treatment.


Our star treatment of shock waves can reduce the curvature up to 70% the torsion angle of the penis. Even if the curvature of the penis has many years of evolution. This treatment is applied directly to the plate (harden surface).

P.R.P. (Platelets Rich Plasma)

The purpose to use PLATELETS – RICH PLASMA (PRP) it is to improve erectile function, increase vascular capacity and sensitivity in the penis for a better and long lasting erections.
It is non-surgical procedure, the use of growth factors (GF) to stimulate the growth of younger tissues and increase of the blood flow has been proven for many years around the world with excellent results.


Oral medications specially made especially for each particular case, intra cavernous treatment, and the revolutionary shockwave treatment can successfully treat this condition , our success rate of 80% of all patients treated succefully is our best guarantee.
Some special cases we may recommend surgery or penile prosthesis implants.

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